you’ll blame James

It’s the coach’s business. You know it’s the coach who makes the team better. How can I be alone? Can I let you? I can’t let you be bothered. So, is it my responsibility? It’s the best of the world. If the team-mates don’t work hard and the team-mates don’t work hard, you’ll blame James. You’re really weird. I have a face. I really have a head and a face. Right, James is so diligent, right? Ah, he rushed to the bottom of the basket with a dynamite bag to distribute the ball to you, right? You can’t make three open shots for you, right? How good are you if you can’t make three open points? By analogy, James, these teammates, do you say yes, how good they are. Of course, all of them are pigs. They can’t support each other. Right, how about other teams? These players, how about those who leave James and other teams? Who are famous and famous? Who are playing in this world? Are they showing their heads and feet? Yes? Yes, you have left James, right.


It’s not going back to your teammates, right? If you guys leave James, you should be doubled, multiplied, geometrically multiplied, and strive to be strong. You should be on the stage of history, should be in the ranks of all stars, superstars and superstars

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