Western playoffs

Some of today’s ball is mainly about the three teams in the West and playing together with you. The teams in front of us are not good either. As for the teams behind us, we still spend more on the teams in the West. Of course, we have said that for all the teams, the ones outside the playoffs don’t have time to care, and we don’t want to. It’s mainly about the west, the playoffs and the ranking. The front is almost the same, and there are few winning games. In the end, it may change a lot. In the end, it may change a lot, because some teams, er.


The team he belongs to, he is not. He was willing to be the law between competitions and use the best performance. In the end, some teams don’t pay much attention to this thing with stop and go. I feel like I only need ten seven or eight points. Let me talk about this kind of post-season. As for the teams with penalty wine positions, we can see that the teams in the Western playoffs are basically qualitative. Ah, I can see that now I feel that it can be determined. Basically, the indicator of eighth place should be in the Grizzlies. The Spurs and the Blazers, the three teams, in, I, how long they are open, there may still be changes, and there may be transactions. I will tell you that the Blazers team is really very, very serious in the playoffs and want to rob. But it’s really very, very, very long. I haven’t seen such a bad Blazer team. The only way to save others is to put it bad. It’s not people who really play for you. The team doesn’t have any requirements. You can do whatever you want.

The earth people have contracts in their bodies, and they are not willing to, too much effort, too much consumption. After all, they give you scrapped contracts. Your contracts may be gone. Right? Some players are team options. How can I give you a scrapped contract? Where to find the next year’s contract? So I’ll play Seventy-eight percent. Ah, that’s about it