Tiger Manager: top four point guard Joe burrow did as well as expected

In this unusual off-season, rookies can only impress their coaches through computer performance rather than training.

According to Cincinnati tigers coach Zac Taylor, the top four point guard Joe burrow did that. He said the latter was very good at meeting preparation and psychological adaptation.

“He did a great job,” Tyler said. “The best description is the same as propaganda. You can see that he spent a lot of time preparing with problems. He did a good job in playing initiative, which is very important for the quarterback. He did everything he could to master the offensive tactics. I’m really impressed with him, but I’m not surprised. ”




As the team base is affected by the epidemic, Biro is unable to participate in rookie training camp and off-season team training and team mate running in. Like all teams, the tigers can only help players prepare through the Internet.

Biro’s performance last season made him a top pick without a doubt. After that, the tigers’ coaching staff had nothing but praise for him. How much of Biro’s good performance on the Internet translates into good performance on the court will determine whether he can lead the tigers to a turnaround.