There is a possibility that CSL will start with the match system in September and strive to play in June

After the previous report on the plan for the opening of the new season’s professional league was rejected by the higher authorities for further refinement, the American Football Association has not yet re submitted the latest plan, which also means that the original plan to restart American football matches in late June is likely to continue to postpone the new CSL season to the end. When can we start the game? After all, the new season of Korean K League has been held for two rounds, and Japan’s J League will restart the specific schedule in the middle of the week. At present, fans, if they want to see the Chinese Super League, still need enough patience to wait. It is learned that the American Football Association has referred to it when refining the opening plan of the new season.

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And K League, the relevant defense guide and competition, occupation, but even if we can catch up with the revised restart plan submitted before the end of this week’s working day, judging from the recent timetable, it will not be approved until the first ten days of June or even the middle of June at the earliest, which can further reduce the competition time of the whole season, which can be well formed.

Closed loop management is one of the important reasons why China Football Association will volunteer to enter the national football team. If the league is restarted, it can only make way for the Asian Champions League group match in August after July. Then the Chinese Super League does exist. The plan drawn by Sai in September is likely to start, although we are prepared. It’s in the hospital, but the American Football Association is still making every effort to pass the June plan on the premise of ensuring safety, strictness and defense.

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