Powerful dragon!

The game between the 76ers and the Raptors should be the first half-time, the third and fourth quarters should be updated. Ah, the program, because it’s too tight, the score is very close. Ah, er, first of all, congratulations on the match. Hurry to save people. I’m nervous. I’m afraid I’ll be beaten in the face. You know, I was nuggets in the morning. I was beaten by a stick in the back of the head. Ah, let me have a painful lesson. I can’t be 1:3 behind. The team that sweeps 4:0 is 2:2. Let’s talk about it. That’s to say, it can’t move. Now it’s out of the West. It’s mutual, counterpoint, two days’ rest and one day’s rest. Let’s take two teams in two series and four teams. Ah, all, let’s analyze again, mutual and counterpoint analysis, ah, team advantages.


After seeing that everyone has already known, let’s emphasize again. Ah, let’s sigh that the 76ers play really well. It’s not easy to drag the team to seven. We say that grabbing seven is half of the game, right? We hope to see six games play, and we don’t want to see seven games playing because there are signs that CD7 games may be overturned. It’s possible that we will be overturned. We just decided to tell Auntie that we are willing to accept being beaten by nuggets. Then the Rockets also support the Rockets. Ah, there’s no way. I have to support the rockets and accept being beaten in the face by the Rockets. Ah, well, yeah, fight for the Raptors. We didn’t look away.

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