Paul harden Gordon plays three guards

Playing this set of lineups, ah, some unreasonable fast play, the brain flies quickly to come over the head on the run hit tactics, so d’antony is a geek, is a strange lineup. It’s time to play three full backs. Paul harden Gordon plays three guards. He’s in love. He’s a little bit super small. He’s going to play crazy attack with you. Last season, there weren’t enough kids. This season was crazy. After we tried everything, we might see all of them. Understand, well, this basketball is not higher and higher, but the shorter you play, but you can only win the game, right? Your three-point shooting is OK. Now what we see is that the rocket three-point throw is crazy 24-14, and the leakage benchmark is incomparable, right? It seems that this topic is not tenable, that is, what we are talking about.


There must be an advantage, but when the Rockets are shooting from the outside, you have to stop sending wechat, right? This may be that okafu is going to be hit. Although, three, although Cafu is now, 303, right? Those auspicious, advantages, but I also know that Mars leaks out. Don’t say again, fario’s is not, guest cabera, substitute Capella. Can’t be copied. Ah, if, those caffeiras would be blown up like this, would they, Oko ocafo, make this loser? It’s just bullshit.

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