NFL president calls on the team to sign capenik

June 18: as time goes by, more and more people in NFL agree that Colin capenick should have a chance to continue his career. Recently, NFL president Roger Goodell said that he supports and encourages the NFL team to sign capenick. Capenick, 32, has never been on the rugby professional since the 2016 season, when he was the quarterback of 49 people in San Francisco, kneeling on one knee to protest against racial inequality and police brutality in the prelude to the national anthem.


In an ESPN show called “sports return,” Goodell talked to Mike Greenberg. Goodell said that the decision to sign capenik is not him, but an NFL team. This is Goodell’s first positive statement that NFL should sign capenik, which he said is very welcome, and no longer opposed to capenik’s voice in social issues.

“Well, if capenik wants to continue his career in the NFL, he obviously needs a team to sign him,” Goodell said. “But I’m with both hands. I support the club to make such a decision, not only for support, but also for encouragement. If he continues to speak for social problems when he’s on the pitch, that’s fine. We welcome him and help us do better.