Kuri, take off the hoop curse!

Let’s talk about the rockets and warriors. I didn’t say that we NBA cobblers are not afraid of being beaten in the face, are we? We support the Rockets, support the Rockets to overturn the warriors. Now is the opportunity. A great opportunity. Ah, Durant is injured. Here comes the opportunity. We always say that warriors are the championship team. What is the championship team is the team that can beat the Rockets. Otherwise, how can we call the championship team? It can beat any team. Well, it’s called the total champion team, including ah, entered into the UM. The warriors have entered the finals. To fight the warriors, to fight the Bucks, to fight the Raptors, to fight the Raptors, to fight the Bucks, to fight the Bucks, to play a question mark, Damon, with a question mark, right, to play, then, um, the big strategy has a big advantage.


It’s reasonable for you to win the championship. Ah, it’s reasonable. Some fans, warriors fans, and I feel that some of them are shameless. This set of lineup has become so luxurious. Ah, well, they still have to find excuses to make excuses for losing. Hum. That should match what kind of lineup you win, it is natural that ah, opponents, all dead, the main force all lie down, right, ah, this way to play you such a team to play for you, after five passes cut six will ah cat and dog sent to you abuse food, right, Ning Xia general manager, champion ah, reflects your strength.

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