How to “lock” LeBron James on the court?

LeBron’s technology is changing, the team environment is changing, the opponent’s defense configuration will make different adjustments according to local conditions, which in turn will let us build a deeper understanding of the stars and the game. So, let’s start to have fun with Kai and Hui.


Of course, it depends on the example.

1、 The 2006-07 finals Cavaliers vs. spurs if you’ve played an old amusement project called pirate ship in the amusement park, you’ll find that LeBron has been swinging right and left on a huge pirate ship called “expectation disappointment” all season in 2007. Today, we can think of LeBron in 2007 as the worst regular season since his rookie season. From a macro point of view, LeBron in the regular season didn’t continue his “04-05-06″ season, and the speed of light leaped; Hollinger’s efficiency fell from 28.1 of the absolute superstar to 24.5 of the second year; he didn’t make a breakthrough in a much weaker division than last season. In terms of technical details, LeBron’s long-range shooting level fell in 2007; the single defense step did not make any valuable progress as predicted by experts in summer; although the weak side copying skill tree was lit up, it was easy to lose consciousness when there was no ball in defense; and it began to expose the common [hahaha, I can play with the game syndrome] of gifted young people to deal with it The ball has become more casual and error prone than last year, and he and his teammates have been talked about by countless media, so that everyone feels that he has hit his own limit wall (disappointment).