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Well, we have to say that once Curie’s tactical status is determined, the core of Curie’s tactics determines the value of Curie. If it’s settled, then Durant’s value will be reduced, right? Because of Durant and turant, I want the warriors to compete for the championship. With this strength and ability, Durant needs to adjust his mentality. Once it’s time to understand this matter.


By the media, ah, ah, uproar, instigated by the media, it is easy to have internal contradictions. When Durant is optimistic about playing the finals, you can see whether Durant’s performance is crazy, whether he has no scruples or not. I’ll call you now to see who is stronger than me. Are you strong or me? Durant won these two, the champion, and even the three champions this year. The three fvps are outside and outside. Ah, this observation point, ah, in our external forces, external forces, observation, um, from this point of view, the wind evaluation is very poor. You can be a person who has a heart to observe it, and you can also make statistics. I tell you that Durant’s fan growth rate in the past two years is very slow, not very slow. It’s not as urgent as curry. Harden is not even as modern. This year’s letters, songs, quembo and Leonard are catching up with each other. You can take a look at the sales of jerseys. It’s the simplest sales of jerseys. You say, James, after playing for so many years, you still sell jerseys Every day, right.

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