Curie stands up for big brother

Neither the Lakers and the Clippers nor the missiles can be traded. We have done a lot of new shows about igordala before. Well, can you join us? We said that patience is needed. Time is not to say that you can get it now if you want to. These three teams or some teams in the East have no salary space. These champion teams have basically already. The championship team, the salary, has been locked, dead is impossible to complete the signing, can only wait patiently, the Grizzlies buy out one, Da, Lang reached a big, then re sign, so said a goal is like this, but the actual operation is not carried out like this, because the Grizzlies will. You expected before him, so some teams, some teams, ah, teams that want to improve combat effectiveness and enhance competitiveness, then they have a strong interest in a Dala, so there are problems at this time. Then, the Grizzlies require that igdala go to the team to train for hegemony.

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Training to show the current competitive state of igdala, in fact, we all know that the teams that you get a Dalai Lama through trading are not champion teams, not teams with the strength to compete for the championship, and there is a gap between igodala’s expectation and igodala’s expectation, so whether it’s a trade for igdala. To which team to trade to which team, these teams are not his ideal team, nor can they compete for the championship. It is futile for him to change. There is no direct and big interest drive for him, so it causes a fight. Now he refuses to do moral training. In case of training by a certain team, after the trade change, waste of time and energy can not reach his own expectations, but because of this, the Grizzlies team can be said to be all right, or some players to achieve the professionalism.