Curie slapped Durant on the face! Brave!

I said in the group, well, Curie slapped Cole hard on the face, that is, tell me for a moment that I can do without Durant.


I can also win the championship by beating the Rockets. Congratulations to Cole, to curry and to curry’s fans. Good care. Curry proved that he won the championship this year. This is a very important point. After reaching the championship, you have. Well, this, emotion, at least one vote is emotional. Without Durant, the Rockets beat the championship level teams in two games. The Rockets have emotional votes at least on your side. Ah, so we say that curry’s whole career and career suffer. The first one is Durant, the second is Cole. These two are the same thing. Durant and Cole introduced Durant. The champion of warriors is me, but Curry’s achievements have declined. This year is a good opportunity. Ah, curry won the championship and got F when Durant stayed in the team. It’s very important. It’s very important. Although two players are together, it’s easy to absorb moisture. But we say that as long as you are the leader of the team and the absolute core of the team, history will remember you in the future. Ah, history will also remember Durant, and Durant, the crew, will join the enemy,

All of a sudden, his bandit leader is OK. This game is here. I hope I like it

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